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Editorial guidelines

Ethical guidelines

The NotaBene journal publishes scholar articles, studies, essays and reviews in Bulgarian, English, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish as well as translations into Bulgarian of philosophical and political texts. Being based on the understanding that art is intertwined with philosophy, it provides also a platform for poetic texts and works of photography. All materials are published free of charge and are subject to the rules of plagiarism. The authors assume full responsibility for the content of their texts.

The NotaBene journal accepts and follows the Code of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Open Access Statement

NotaBene is a Free Open Access Journal. It follows the Budapest Initiative for Free and Open Access to Scientific Materials via the Internet - BOAI. The content of all the texts is freely available and free of charge. The users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute or use the texts for any other legitimate purposes, being required to cite correctly the source.


Peer review

All submissions will be original manuscripts. In all cases, the manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by at least two independent anonymous reviewers, according to the peer review system. When disagreement appears, it will be asked the advice of a third reviewer. Reviewers should be experts in the field and have no relationship, professional or personal, with the author(s) of the assessed articles. Editors are responsible for not inviting as reviewers experts who are affiliated with the same institution as the author(s) and/or might be in conflict of interest with them. However, should any reviewer realise that she/he is in conflict of interest with the author(s), she/he must immediately declare it to the editors. In order to minimize the possibility of conflict of interest, NotaBene collaborates with a vast network of reviewers belonging to various national and international research institutions.    


Responsibilities of the participants in the publication process:

Editors have the following responsibilities:

The author(s) have the following responsibilities:

Reviewers have the following responsibilities:


Requirements to the authors

The electronic journal "NotaBene" publishes articles, studies, essays, translations and reviews concerning all aspects of philosophy and political science. Authors of the journal can be both established scholars as well as young researchers, students and PhD students from Bulgaria and abroad. We accept texts in Bulgarian, English, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish.
Articles, translations and essays should not exceed 40,000 characters, reviews - 14,000 characters.
The text should be on Microsoft Word; font Times New Roman, 12 pt.
The materials go through a blind review process. Therefore, all author identifications should be written on a separate title page that is not sent to reviewers.

The title page should include:

       -  Title: centered, 14 pt, bold;

       -  The names of the author(s): centered, 12 pt, bold;

       -   Affiliation and e-mail of each author: centered, 12 pt, normal.

The content that will be send to reviewers should include:

      -   Title: centered, 14 pt, bold;

      -   Abstract in English, maximum 300 characters: justified, 12 pt italic;

      -   Key words;

      -   The main text: justified, 1.25 cm first line, 12 pt, normal;

      -   Comments should be placed after the main text and before the references; they follow the numeration given within the text;

      -   All schemes, diagrams, graphics and illustrations should be placed centered in the text and sent by separate jpeg files as well;

   - References - only cited in the text, each reference on a new line: justified, 1.25 cm first line, 12 pt, normal;

   - Citation should be in brackets within the text: the author, the year of issue and the page.


   In-text citations:


    Direct citations must contain the author’s (authors’) surname, the year of publication and page number. If the author’s (authors’)  name is not mentioned before the quote, a reference must be provided after the quotation, e.g.: (Panova, 1980, p. 29)


Indirect citations must be referenced as follows: Panova (1980) states that criticism is of extreme importance in decision making.

Citation of multiple publications by the same author in the same year:

After citation of the year small letters (a, b, c…) must be added to the respective publication:
Example: According to Vasileva (2009b)…


Font type and size: Times New Roman 10 pt; Alignment: Justified.

The references must follow the alphabetical order of the authors’ surnames (beginning with the authors in Cyrillic and then the rest). In case the same author is quoted more than once, the references follow chronological order from the earliest to the latest publication.

The sources in Cyrillic must be put in round brackets; the names of the authors and the journals/ books (in Cyrillic and alphabets other than Latin) must be transliterated; the titles of the papers must be translated in English.


Book: Ivanova, R. (1980) Methodology in Foreign Language Teaching. Sofia: Kitira.

Book Chapter: Cobb, T. & Horst, M. (2001) Reading Academic English: Carrying Learners across the Lexical Threshold. – In: J. Flowerdew & M. Peacock (Eds.). Research Perspectives in English for Academic Purposes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Journal Article: Craik, F. I. M. & Lockhart, R. S. (1972) Levels of Processing: A Framework for Memory Research. // Journal of Verbal Learning & Verbal Behavior, 11(6), р. 671 – 684.

Webpage: author or source, year (if available),  the title of the document or web-site, web address where the publication could be found; the date of access to the source should be also mentioned:

University Library, 2010. Harvard System of  Referencing Guide. Updated 15 September 2010. Available at: <>

More examples:

Ангелов, Б. (1971)

Сказание за железния кръст. // Старобългарска литература, № 1, с. 136 – 155. (Angelov, B. The Legend of the Iron Cross. // Starobalgarska literatura, № 1, s. 136 – 155.)

Сивилова, Я. (2013)

Иронията като ехо. – В: Проблеми на устната комуникация. Т. 2. Велико Търново, кн. 9., с. 135 – 145. (Sivilova, Y. Irony as an Echo. – V: Problemi na ustnata komunikaciya. Т. 2. Veliko Tarnovo, кn. 9., s. 135 – 145.)

Станева, Хр. (2002)

Речник по българска стилистика. София: Хермес, 383 с. (Staneva, Hr.Rechnik po balgarska stilistika. Sofia: Hermes, 383 s.)

Сърл, Дж. (1986)

Косвенные речевые акты. – В: Новое в зарубежной лингвистике. Кн. 17, с. 195 – 222. (Searle, John. R. Indirect Speech Acts. – V: Novoe v zarubezhnoi lingvistike. Kn. 17, s. 195 – 222.)

Чермак, И. (2004)

Интернет и авторското право. // Littera et Lingua. Електронно списание за хуманитеристика, 2004, № 1. (23.09.2010) <> (Chermak, I. Internet and Copyright. // Littera et Lingua. Elektronno spisanie za humanitaristika,2004, № 1. (23.09.2010) <>)

Chomsky, N. (1974)

Bemerkungen zum Anarchismus. – In: Aus Staatsraison. Frankfurt, S. 104 – 121.

Evangelou, I. (2009)

The Bulgarian translation of the Vita of St. Basil the New according to manuscript 20N in the Monastery of Sinai. – In: Scripta & E-scripta. Sofia: “Boyan Penev” Publishing center, р. 190 – 251.

Nida (1964)

Toward a Science of Translating. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 335 р.

Nida, E., Ch. Tabler (1982)

The Theory and Practice of Translation. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 218 р.

Rolin, D. (2002а)

Dulle Griet. Bruxelles, 166 р.

Rolin, D. (2002b)

Plaisirs. Paris, 207 р.

The texts should be sent electronically to: 

All submitted manuscripts are subject to preliminary review by the editors. If the materials meet the aims and scope of the journal as well as the scholar criteria, they are sent to two independent reviewers. In case of a significant difference in their opinions, an arbiter reviewer is addressed.

On the base of the reviewers’ suggestions the editorial board decides to publish or to reject the submitted texts.

Authors will be notified when the text needs correction.


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