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The artist Alexander TELALIM is a Bulgarian from the Ukrainian part of Bessarabia. He was born in 1966 in Vladichen. In 1995 he moved to live in Bulgaria, where he graduated "Fresco" at the National Academy of Arts. An artist with an extremely wide artistic range, one of the best Bulgarian watercolor artists, he has presented the art of Bulgaria and Ukraine to the world many times. In a wider context, his art is perceived as a bridge between the cultures of East and West. He created a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western calligraphy. He, however, does not follow strictly the formal Chinese or Japanese rules and feels the principles of Eastern calligraphy as something universal and understandable. The most important for him are not strict forms but lines that express freedom, strength, joy, and energy when "only the gestures remain in the figures - as expressive as the hieroglyph of feeling" (Radio Horizon). "Probably, this is Zen - says he - to find what unites us all, and to make it visible." A small part of the titles of his exhibitions includes: "SPIRITUAL MESSAGES" (Sofia), "TRADITIONS AND INSPIRATIONS FROM EAST" (Sofia), "MESSAGE FROM THE WEST" (Kagawa, Japan), "BRIDGES" ("Cristina de Vicente" gallery, Velva, Spain), "KALIGRAPHY INSPIRED BY HAIKU" (Sofia).