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The Human Situation in the Age of Globalization

The idea of globalization is produced as the inevitable future of people and societies around the world, but it raises many questions which answers are unclear or unsatisfactory. Therefore, this article examines some of the problems related to globalization, such as, for example, its relation to the nation-state and the consequences for the latter that arise from this contact. Analyzing concepts such as "globalism", "globality", "globalization", "modernity", "postmodernity" etc, the paper looks for answers to the questions of what is to be globalized and whether the individual gains anything from this process or is simply drawn into it.
Key words: globalization, globality, globalism, modernity, postmodernity, panopticon, synopticon, global risk society.

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The Problem of the Essence of Metaphysics

The paper is an attempt to present a specific perspective on Heideggers‘s interpretation of the problem „what is metaphysics“ in its essence. It focuses on Heidegger analyses of the questions that metaphysics „asks“ because by them it reveals itself in its wholeness and also involves ourselves as asking midst of the question. The study put accents on the human existence – Dasein – as a fundamental problem of metaphysics.
Keyword: Dasein, Heidegger, metaphysics, human existence

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