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From Integral Ecology to Ecological Sin: Pope Francis Social Doctrine from Laudato si (2015) to the Synod for the Amazon (2019)

The article examines the care of the earth and the appeals to all humanity to be aware of the gravity of the environmental crisis as an essential element in Pope Francis mission since the beginning of his pontificate. The ecological teaching of Francis, part of his social teaching, is analyzed here in two respects. First, it seeks to answer the question of how Pope Bergolios way of thinking came about, what were the great intellectual influences he received. The connection of his teaching to both the spiritual tradition of the Jesuit Order and the South American tradition in theology is traced. Second, the recent Synod of the Amazon, held in Rome, and the documents published by the Fathers who participated in it are reported as an example of the echo of the teaching of Laudato si has found in the Catholic Church.

Keywords: integral ecology, Catholic social teaching, Laudato si, Synod for the Amazonia, theology of the people, ecological sin.


The Messages of the "Green Pope": Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato si'" and the Ecological Shift in the Catholic Social Teaching

Abstract: The article presents Pope Francis' environmental ethical teaching, as explained in his 2015 encyclical Laudato si', in a historical perspective. It traces the development of the Catholic social doctrine through the twentieth century and the way in which it has been both questioned and enriched by some ideas developed in the context of the liberation theology movement.