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Philosophical approaches to the relationship of artificial intelligence, cybernetics and consciousness

The article examines philosophical approaches to the interaction of artificial intelligence, cybernetics and consciousness. It analyzes the appearance of reflectors and robots, the invention of the digital computer by C. Babbage and the strategic tasks set by technologically developed countries. The development and application of robotics, a research paradigm focused on exploring the capabilities of artificial intelligence, for which a wide range of software for human mental activity is used, is explored. Physicochemical properties and design features of robot components, in general, cybernetics, mathematics and software have developed faster. Here, in addition to new numerical methods such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computing, etc., and in particular, computational intelligence, which involves sharing, acts as the main methodology. In addition, in the context of the development of artificial intelligence in the global technological environment, the object of research is the problem of protecting the freedom of human spiritual consciousness.
Key words: artificial intelligence, cybernetics, robot, robotics, consciousness, digital computing machine.

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