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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговарят 2 материала

Key Global Trends in Education and Their Impact on Learners. Part I

The article examines in detail what are the new digital technologies that are changing education and how they help to enrich and deepen competencies, including digital ones, so that education begins to meet the needs of the labour market and professions of the 21st century. All available digital technologies are discussed: artificial intelligence, 3D printers, robots, virtual and mixed reality, etc., their benefits and contributions and where these practices are already used. To this more pragmatic approach, the article adds a critical reflection that, in addition to opportunities, there are many risks to learners and humanity as a whole. Among the threats is the scenario of losing not only cognitive and physical abilities “facilitated” by technology, but also human independence and sovereignty in more and more areas due to lack of time or sufficient knowledge and information.
Keywords: artificial intelligence, education, digital competence, cognitive abilities.

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