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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал

Psychoanalysis of love in fiction (Bulgarian psychoanalytic thought from the interwar period)

The article discusses a specific aspect of the multifaceted application of psychoanalysis in Bulgaria in the thirties of the twentieth century – the psychoanalytic understanding of love in literary works. First, an overview of these works, which argue the productivity of the application of psychoanalysis in literature, as well as the psychoanalytic understanding of the phenomenon of love. Following is a presentation of the specific activities of Bulgarian psychoanalysts with examples of world fiction and the interpretation of love stories. Particular attention is paid to the psychoanalytic interpretations of Sotir Koshkov and Mladen Nikolov.
The study uses many short texts by Bulgarian philosophers and psychologists (psychoanalysts), which are scattered throughout the then humanitarian periodicals and are not republished today. These are publications in literary and socio-political newspapers and magazines such as "Literary Voice", "Literary Hour", "Warm spring wind", "Fall of the Leaves", "Thought", "Art and Criticism", "Sagittarius", "Philosophical Review". The article is an attempt at today's reading of these forgotten texts.
Key words: psychoanalysis and literature, psychoanalytic explanation of love, interwar period, Bulgarian psychoanalysts, Bulgarian humanitarian periodicals

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