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No future for you the punk counterculture in Bulgaria during the post-communist transitional period stage, audience, ideology

Abstract: The main task of this publication is to review a part of the counterculture music stage (particularly the punk stage) and its ideology in the context of the changes during the post-communism transition in Bulgaria. The punk stage and the punk counterculture in Bulgaria, appear initially as almost completely underground phenomenon in the late 70s, as the punk audience has its own specific ideas, clothing and looks in general. In the context of the worldwide punk movement, the Bulgarian one, was both very similar and also quite different than the western counterpart. What is the impact of the punk counterculture over the official culture, what are the ideas behind the local punk movement, concerning politics, and what are the main differences with the worldwide punk culture? These are the questions that th study is trying to answer. It follows the development of it s ideas over the years, how some of the bands cross over to mainstream and how the ideas of the movement lose their wide popularity, but still exist today, staying as close as possible to it s western original. The article is based on the dissertation of the author about the musical countercultures in Bulgaria in the transitional post-communist period. The title No future for you refers to one of the most popular punk songs God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols, arguably one of the most iconic punk bands ever.
Keywords: punk counterculture, Bulgaria, stage, audience, ideology?