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This study aims to present the dropping out from any educational system as an individualistic, family, educational, and societal problem. Due to rapid advancement and development, education has become one of the basic necessities of life because it helps an individual to keep pace with the world. Education is considered as a source to gain and acquire knowledge regarding different subjects and fields that can contribute greatly to attaining the numerous achievement in a professional career. Education is the most powerful driver of development and success that plays an imperative role in reducing poverty and opening the path of success for educated individuals. However, despite education being a powerful tool for attaining success and prosperity drop out of students from high schools is one of the crucial issues that exist in current society. The adverse effects of dropout from high school are not limited to individuals' sustainability and success; it possesses the potential to negatively impact the economy of the country, employment rate, and state industry. Furthermore, an increase in dropout rate from high school can fuel hazardous habits among youngsters, such as addiction to drugs and violence. The article's main points are quality of education and sense of belonging, the concept of student dropout, reasons for the dropout in the high school, discouraging environment of the school, mental illness, youth at risk, and factors influencing dropout in school.
Keywords: educational system, dropping out, school students