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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговарят 27 материала

Свръхчовекът и неговият вик /или как Казандзакис чете Ницше/

Abstract: In this article, I'm trying to draw a line of continuity between the metaphysics of Friedrich Nietzsche and his Greek disciple - the famous author Nikos Kazantzakis. The main quest is centred in the character of Alexis Zorbas and the philosophical novel "Askitiki", which in my opinion brings this metaphysical core to its limits.

Key words: Nikos Kazantzakis, Friedrich Nietzsche, Zorba the Greek, Ascesis

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The paper aims to reveal the reasons for different perceptions of one of the fundamental texts of Daoism, Daodejing. It points out that fluidity and relativity are essential characteristics of the Chinese vision of reality and that this vision requires a corresponding language. Daodejing is a text, which simultaneously presents both the theoretical background of this vision and its practical application in language. Therefore its linear interpretation is not only impossible, it is incorrect.
Key words: Chinese philosophy, Daoism, dao, comparative thinking

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Веберовият дух на капитализма - предвестник на рисковото общество. За кредитоспособния човек - „героят" на ранната и късна модерност

Abstract: The creditworthy person is the real "hero" of our time, but he isn't a discovery of modernity. In 1905 the father of sociology Max Weber "discovered" the creditworthy individual to be the bearer of the capitalism spirit. "The spirit of capitalism is the creditworthy person," Weber writes in his main work "The Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism" and admits that the true measures and characteristics of the spirit of capitalism were set in the 18th century by one of the founding fathers of USA, Benjamin Franklin. Under the conditions of late modernity the creditworthy person again has a fundamental role in our society considered as a risky society in accordance with the definition, given by Urlich Beck in "The Risky Society - On the Way to Another Modernity".

Key words: Max Weber, spirit of capitalism, risky society

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All spiritual practices of the East aimed at reaching the rest physical and mostly mental. Similarly, the Tango can be defined as a type of spiritual practice, along the lines of the swing with a sword in Aikido or meditation in motion. Tango provides a clear expression of the merger of the two principles in nature, the two opposites--male and female--in one in a natural and extremely aesthetically appealing, minimalist way – like the simplicity of modification in Japanese painting, imbued by Zen.
Key words: Tango, Tao, Zen, Duality, Unity, Meditation

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This article is viewing the theme of the dialogue East-West through the prism of art. For this aim two of the director's Régis Wargnier movies are chosen for consideration. 
His cinemanovel  East-West ( EST - OUEST, 1999) is a classically based on the dramaturgy of the narrative cinema. The choice of this form is not an accidental one because his creative goal is to understand the complicated human destinies that are tragical subjects of influance of the dominant social relationships.  In this case the destiny of a whole generation that became a victim of the political reallity afther World War II in Europe is realised. 
The next work of Wargnier, Indochinaq ( Indochine, 1992) is build according to strictly dated historical facts skillfully interweaved with the cultural, political and everyday characteristics of the time and place.
Key words: ideology, culture, identity,,fate, life.

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След 26 август 1914: 100 години с Хулио Кортасар

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Julio Cortazar and accentuates the great Argentinian's political legacy. The present text does not focus on the question whether Cortazar's political persuasions leave room for the social revolution, but rather on the revolutionary way of thinking that is embedded in the very poetics of any given work by this author. This poetics was constituted by means of expression such as repetition and the construction of parallel chronotopes.

Key words: revolution, Cortazar’s poetics, chronotopes, Gilles Deleuze

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Мястото на секса сред човешките ценности

Писателят, посветил се на сексуална тема, винаги е в опасност да бъде обвинен в прекомерна мания по своя предмет от онези, които смятат, че подобни теми не трябва да се споменават. Приема се, че той не би рискувал да си навлече порицанието на превзето скромните и похотливи личности освен в случая, когато интересът му към темата далеч превъзхожда значението й. Този възглед обаче споделят единствено онези, които защитават промени в конвенционалната етика.

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