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Списание NotaBene Брой 27 (2015)

Тема на броя: Виртуалното /2/

Дигиталните технологии и изобразителното изкуство

Through digital technologies and virtual reality, art has become extremely available. I will focus your attention specifically on oil art. Will be traced the image of man in the works of digital artists like: Maggie Taylor, Ricardo Fernandez Ortega, Sanna Tomac, Susan Madsen, Vicente Arnas, Eli Tiunine, Marco Escobedo, Danny Quirk and Adam Martinakis.

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Семиотика на виртуалния образ в киноизкуството

This paper analyses the symbolism of virtual image as observed in two movies: “The Great Gatsby” (1974) directed by Jack Clayton and “The Rum Diary” (2011) directed by Bruce Robinson. In both movies the directors turn to using of reflections by mirror surfaces as well as of transparent images which are analogous to the virtual ones created by transparent surfaces. In the second of the mentioned cases the virtual images are situated in the room behind the reflecting surface among the real individuals and objects, creating in this way an impression of unreality. An entering to characters‘ inner world, in which their invisible remembrances, dreams or desires are placed, is a peculiarity of the symbolism of the virtual image. The scenes in which such images appear can be considered as hypograms according to Riffaterre‘s conception, i.e. they are of utmost significance for the understanding of the whole movie.

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Симулакрумният век

Abstract: Of course, everything could be easily explained by the unreserved adoption of the basic attitudes of the postmodern world. However, since the late 60-s, our world has become the world of the postmodern, and both its contents and stylistic evaluations, that are being applied to arts or culture (including Philosophy), require the interpretations through the simulacra matrix of the postmodernism and its metaphoric images of the events in history and culture. Thus, people, having nothing in common between each other, when sharing the meanings or the interpretations on any dominating texts, have lost any sense or understanding out of that semiotic puzzle.

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Материалното въображение и неговите измерения в пространството

Abstract: The article aims to examine the role of imagination as something that offers the possibility to transcend reality and, at the same time, as a means of penetrating into the singular, individual inner world of every Man. The text is based on the poetics of Gaston Bachelard and that is why the imagination is considered as an ontological possibility of the psyche. An object of research is the material imagination and its dimensions in space visualized by the image.

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Относителността въображаемо-реално в религиите

Abstract: The main thesis of the article is that in the fundament of the religion lays a specific kind of experience within which the believers claim to experience the Ultimate Reality. The presumptions of this thesis are based on the conclusions of transpersonal psychology. Here we may distinguish at least three disputable points: 1) although the religion is a complex phenomenon, its distinctive feature is a special kind of experience; 2) this experience can be explained as a transpersonal experience; 3) transpersonal experiences imply a different perceiving of the reality. This reality can receive different names, including “God” in terms of apophatics. The common conclusion of this kind of experience is that it is the Reality as it is while the reality perceived in daily experience is its illusive interpretation. In such a way the relation imaginative-real is reversed: the reality achieved through transpersonal experience is the Ultimate Reality, while the world of common experience is an illusion.
Key words: transpersonal experience, Ultimate Reality, Eastern religions.

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Реално и трансцедентално в учението на толтеките

Abstact: The article illuminates the philosophy of the Toltecs, based on the evolving human consciousness. The ancient practices allowed for the warrior-Toltec to expand his consciousness. Then he could “see” and realize the transcendental realities, thus they cease to be illusions, unreal and fantasies. The author puts an accent in the article on the “flying creatures” (voladores) that are described by the Nagual-mystics as beings feeding on human consciousness; that is accordingly the reason why the human mind could comprehend only the 3D reality. The human population has forgotten its spiritual nature due to the lack of energy and consciousness and developed an aggressive way of living. The cosmic energies emanating after 2012 will influence the human consciousness by allowing it to change its perceptions and remember its cosmic origin.

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Шльонск и регионалните предизвикателства пред полската идентичност

Abstract: Article is a theoretical attempt to observe manifestations of contemporary regionalism in respect of modern doctrine of nationalism. Analysis is based on traditions and culture of Silesia, Poland. The main accent is put on tension that can be seen in attempts of practical political realization of aspirations for gaining autonomy for Silesia. History of observed region is presented as a battlefield where both national and regional ideologies look for and find their symbolic arguments. Article is focused on the question of people's identity and its political usages. Nowadays collective identity is a part of regionalist efforts people living in Silesia to be recognized as national minority because of their cultural and ethnical diversity.
Key words: Silesia, Poland, regionalism, nationalism, identity, national minority, ethnical minority, history

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Същност на контрафактичния анализ и приложението му при Дейвид Люис

The article "The Essence of Counterfactual Analysis and David Lewis Understanding of it" aims at outlining the essence of the counterfactuality and the ensuing counterfactual analysis, which became famous after the publication of Robert Fogel's book: "Railways and American Economic Growth: Essays in Interpretative in 1964. The text focuses on one of the "birth" places of the counterfactual issues - the causality as a particular field of logics - but also explores the David Lewes' views on the semantics of 'possible worlds' and its degree of similarity with the real one. The great majority of the philosophers who think that the causal facts need to be explained thought (or reduced to) the occurrence-facts together with the fundamental-law-facts, regulating the occurrences, are in favour of the approach that regards the counterfactual causality as the explanatory key to the issues.

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Измерения на отношението наука – свобода

Abstract: The objective of this work is to attempt to structure familiarity of scientific paradigms up to present days. Conversions thanks to which certain types of scientific artifacts have become the driving force of our lives. Of course it is normal to one to think this seems absurd at first, but you focus on the key factors of human life, we can easily assimilate trails marked by science.

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