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Култура за политиката

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Списание NotaBene Брой 29 (2015)

Тема на броя: Култура за политиката

Поперианските начала на философската култура (70 години от създаването на „Отвореното общество и неговите врагове” и 20 години след Попър)

Abstract: The article attempts to reveal Popper’s views on philosophical culture. It is emphasized that according to Popper philosophy is a rational endeavour which came about with the first Milesian school of Thales and his pupils when they invented the critical discussion as a method to develop their theories. Therefore rationality seems to be the most essential attribute of philosophical culture apprehended as a specific attitude of mind and ability to reflect upon the world and man’s place in it. The consequences of adopting Popper’s critical rationalism are discussed with an emphasis on toleration and intellectual responsibility.

Key words: Popper, rationality, criticism, philosophical culture, Thales, Benda

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Политическа култура и социален ред

Abstract: The eternal problems of politics are what kind of institutions should be established,
i.e. what kind of social order should there be, and what is the permissible coercive power
of institutions that would ensure society will not break down, and hence human life become
impossible, how should institutions be changed, how can it be brought about that social
order should be perceived as a common good, by what means and in what way should social
order be maintained in society, etc. The problem of order in society is a fundamental political
one. Social action aimed at establishing or changing social order is political in nature.
Political action is public and its agents are institutional to some degree or other, whether
they be political parties, civic movements or groups of people claiming to express certain
values and/or interests. Political action is socio-normative not only because it is aimed at the creation, preservation or change of norms valid for society, but likewise because this action is itself dependent on norms and values.

Key words: values, socialization, social order, political culture, ideal type

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Конфликтът между дигитална и реална демокрация (да помислим за делиберативната демокрация)

Abstract: To think about the DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY. The conflict between digital and real democracy - for thirty years now the digital-virtual public space is the undeniable and the influential factor which influences the human behavior and thinking. The digital democracy is part of this the digital-virtual space. This form of direct democracy has got itself the different dimensions: on the one hand, the representatives of a direct and a representative democracy are seek to influence through the electronic media and the digital channels of the representative and the direct democracy, which are a different, as well as the actual policy instruments to try to implement the specific applications of the digital media in a politics and for the government activities; on the other hand, the digital democracy has got twenty years of experience in the implementation of a digital democracy in the provision of information, of the online discussions and of to giving decision; furthermore, the digital-electronic democracy participates in the real politics. The digital democracy is being considered by the governments and the way to their orientation to the modern and the digital active of the civil society. The digital democracy is a kind of form theregulator of the real social democracy - eg. the issue of media freedom.

Keywords: deliberative democracy, digital-virtual public space, digital democracy, form of the direct democracy

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Политико-философският дискурс на границата между Халифата и тероризма - ИДИЛ

Abstract: On the 30th June 2014 the extremist organization "The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) has announced the establishment of a caliphate. With this act its the leaders not only has shooked the region and the world, but also they threw a strong challenge to the contemporary Islamic theologians. They formed the dogmatic case which brought to the surface the group as a real entity which has long struggled leadership among the other terrorist formations. After the announcement of the caliphate ISIL, it abolished "Iraq and the Levant" from its the name and became the only "The Islamic state", it does claiming their uniqueness to their competitors. This the terrorist organization has been a long history in Iraq. It has appeared on the map of extremist actors still living the former dictator Saddam Hussein. Its “birth date” is about 2000 and its the creator is the Jordanian Abu Musaab Zarqawi.

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Учението на В. И. Вернадски за ноосферата: наука или утопия?

Аbstract: The report presented the main ideas of V.I. Vernadsky, about the noosphere as a stage in the development of human culture (civilization). Reveals the internal contradictions of his concept - the pursuit of "naturalist" Vernadsky to perform scientific analysis of the formation and development of the "noosphere" as the highest stage in the geobiogenezis. Shows that even in shaping future socio-political implementations of noosphere society author manages to not leave the field of this analysis and does not pass into the field „philosophical and religious” utopianism.

Keywords: Noosphere, Science, Utopia.

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Екологичното съзнание и особеностите на източната мисловност

Abstract. The aim of the article is to outline some peculiarities of Orient mentality and their potential to form ecological consciousness. An important aspect of the ecological consciousness is the ecological attitude. It is defined as consisted of at least three aspects: attitude to nature, attitude to other human beings, and attitude towards the quantity of one’s own life.
Important ideas of Asian thought that can contribute to the development of ecological consciousness are discussed as a foundation for farther analysis. The conclusion is that ecology should not be simply a science but also a wisdom, spiritual experience and transformation.

Key words: deep ecology, ecological consciousness, Chinese thought

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Minima moralia


Франц Брентано – специфика на психическите феномени

Abstract: The article views the problem for the psychic phenomena in the study of Franz Brentano. The way in which the philosopher differentiate it in his work Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint (Psychologie vom empirischen Standpunkt). Their specifics have been differentiated and the difference between physical and psychic phenomena has been shown. The doctrine of Brentano is interpreted as basic source of ideas for the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl which emerged in the beginning of 20th century.

Keywords: psychic phenomenon, psychology, intentionality, consciousness

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Политическата трансформация на Еквадор в началото на ХХI век

Abstract: Since 2006 radical social changes have started in Ecuador. A decisive transformation in searching for a new idea and policy different from the Neoliberalism has begun. The transition into the third millennium is a time of crisis and protests. The Neoliberalism is the best form of government for the local oligarchy and transnational companies. The things changed on 15 January 2007, when the new president Rafael Correa dared to embark on a new path relying on changes in the socio-economic situation. External Correa's policy is very active in relation to international infrastructure projects and economic integration among the countries of the region, leading South America to the way of self development and a new political paradigm.

Keywords: South America, Ecuador, history, policy, modernity.

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Интернет – огледалото на човешката душа

Abstract: The purpose of this work is to analyze the phenomenon of the Internet using the techniques of philosophy, political science, sociology and psychology.I will try to shed light on aspects of global network, which are important for the development of nearly all societies today.

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Евгени Илиев Поезия

Евгени Илиев е роден през 1974 г. в град Гоце Делчев. Завършва библиотекознание в СУ „Климент Охридски“, където получава и магистърска степен по културна антропология. Публикувал е стихове и проза в „Литературен форум“, „Сега“, „Капитал“,„Грозни пеликани“ и др.

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