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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал

Политическата трансформация на Еквадор в началото на ХХI век

Abstract: Since 2006 radical social changes have started in Ecuador. A decisive transformation in searching for a new idea and policy different from the Neoliberalism has begun. The transition into the third millennium is a time of crisis and protests. The Neoliberalism is the best form of government for the local oligarchy and transnational companies. The things changed on 15 January 2007, when the new president Rafael Correa dared to embark on a new path relying on changes in the socio-economic situation. External Correa's policy is very active in relation to international infrastructure projects and economic integration among the countries of the region, leading South America to the way of self development and a new political paradigm.

Keywords: South America, Ecuador, history, policy, modernity.

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