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Феноменология и символиката на полуотвореното (1)

The article examines the problem of semi-openness on the basis of a G. Bachelard’s idea mentioned in his “Poetics of space”. Speech closes through meaning while through poetic expression it opens. Movements of "opening and closing are so numerous, so reversible, so tentative" that the philosopher suggests the following wording: "man is essentially semi-open being". In the article Bachelard's ideas are extended by analyzing examples from the field of belles-letters. They cover the existential meanings attributed to the half-open door, eyes, lips, and the so-called mixed objects - object-subjects, which according to the French philosopher open themselves like us and create a sense of intimacy. The idea of semi-openness can be associated from psychoanalytic point of view with melancholy and the accompanying splitting of the personality. It is therefore devoted considerable attention to the way in which psychoanalytic concept of "crypt" appears in the T. Gautier’s work.

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Семиотика на виртуалния образ в киноизкуството

This paper analyses the symbolism of virtual image as observed in two movies: “The Great Gatsby” (1974) directed by Jack Clayton and “The Rum Diary” (2011) directed by Bruce Robinson. In both movies the directors turn to using of reflections by mirror surfaces as well as of transparent images which are analogous to the virtual ones created by transparent surfaces. In the second of the mentioned cases the virtual images are situated in the room behind the reflecting surface among the real individuals and objects, creating in this way an impression of unreality. An entering to characters‘ inner world, in which their invisible remembrances, dreams or desires are placed, is a peculiarity of the symbolism of the virtual image. The scenes in which such images appear can be considered as hypograms according to Riffaterre‘s conception, i.e. they are of utmost significance for the understanding of the whole movie.

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