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The aim of the report is to highlight the similarities and differences between shaman’s and Yogi’s states of consciousness. Тheir characteristics вill be examined as follows; philosophical system, a system of rituals, value for the practitioner, different varieties of the practices worldwide. What immediately makes impression to the investigator, is not so much the emphasis on similarities, but on the remarkable fact that the differences between yoga and shamanism are complementary. Crystallization of this supplement slowly but surely lead to the realization of a more complete picture of the sacred in the world of two of the oldest techniques for a consciousness change.
Key words: Yoga, shamanism, consciousness, techniques, states of mind

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Интернет – огледалото на човешката душа

Abstract: The purpose of this work is to analyze the phenomenon of the Internet using the techniques of philosophy, political science, sociology and psychology.I will try to shed light on aspects of global network, which are important for the development of nearly all societies today.

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Измерения на отношението наука – свобода

Abstract: The objective of this work is to attempt to structure familiarity of scientific paradigms up to present days. Conversions thanks to which certain types of scientific artifacts have become the driving force of our lives. Of course it is normal to one to think this seems absurd at first, but you focus on the key factors of human life, we can easily assimilate trails marked by science.

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