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Жената като „абсолютно другото" във философията

The Woman as the "Absolute Other" in E. Levinas's Philosophy

Abstract: The feminine (le feminin) and the woman hold a particular status in Levinas's works. Particular in the sense that like other key notions in his philosophy, they are characterized by the author himself as ambivalent, which on the other hand often renders their interpretation difficult and leads to ambiguous, sometimes mutually exclusive, interpretations. This duality is expressed in Levinas's treatment of both notions - on one hand they are the step stone to the French philosopher's focal theme about The Other, and on the other hand, they are seen as the "absolute alterity", thus drawing criticism stemming from the clearly manifested "man's writing" and the author's androcentric position.

keywords: The feminine, woman, ambiguity, the Other, alterity, androcentrism

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