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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал


The main moment of coincidence between philosophy and art is the interpenetration of science, the good and the beautiful in an absolute simultaneity of the peculiarity in Schelling's philosophical system. Philosophy encompasses everything in its totality, and by the principle of construction is an eternal and faithful image of the universe. Art as a doctrine is formed in philosophy through contemplation. The latter is a main creative principle and receives the image of the immediate eternal.
Through the principle of construction, philosophy produces in art to the extent of determining its place in the universe, and by contemplating it, attains the highest – the identity of philosophy and the doctrine of art. This seemingly cyclical process represents two different paths of knowledge – one by constructing in the ideal, subjective sphere and the other by contemplation in the real, objective realm. The sublime moment of fusion is the idea of the divine where god and the universe appear as the same expression of the whole.
The construction and reconstruction are the immanent and transcendental path of reflection, by which we can define the logical construct of art, accepting pure thought as an ideal principle and pure Being as a real principle.
The theorizing of art in the history of Western philosophy was not an easy task, given Plato's severe condemnation of poets and painters in the Ideal State, but the artist's thought and the becoming of its works are ideal definitions of the universe.
Apart from mythology, the antiquity could be determined by the principle of sculpture, because as a kind of art, it is the work of an artist, a consummate and master where the philosopher has to produce and reflect, and by himself, to raise this ideal essence in itself – in this particular moment of logical construction. Thus, the sculpture becomes an ideal definition of philosophy. Not just the order and symmetry, but its place in the universe.
To achieve the theoretical foundation of art, philosophy must gradually build its essential moments in the act of creation for itself – to raise it in the identical image to itself as a real truth of the universe.

Keywords: Schelling, philosophy of art, German classical philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy, art

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