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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговарят 4 материала

Материалното въображение и неговите измерения в пространството

Abstract: The article aims to examine the role of imagination as something that offers the possibility to transcend reality and, at the same time, as a means of penetrating into the singular, individual inner world of every Man. The text is based on the poetics of Gaston Bachelard and that is why the imagination is considered as an ontological possibility of the psyche. An object of research is the material imagination and its dimensions in space visualized by the image.

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Психоаналитичният и феноменологичният метод в поетиката на Гастон Башлар. Феноменология на поетическия образ и въображението

The aim of the article is to represent the influence of the phenomenological and psychoanalytical methods for the creation of Bachelard’s phenomenology of poetical image.

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За границите на себепознанието. Поетическото мечтание – форма на себеизразяване и трансцендиране

The aim of the paper is to realize a philosophical and anthropological reflection on the process of day-dreaming and to represent it as a creative self-expression and self-overcoming of the Man. The paper analyzes the role of day-dreaming to transcend the reality and to understand the inner world of the Man.

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Поетът – странник в света

The article aims to propose a philosophical-anthropological view over the poet’s figure. Some questions are unveiled, such as: How does the creator control the matter, how he opposes the pencil’s substance to the paper’s one? How does the matter sway the poet’s mind throughout the images of past events, deep waters, wild winds, transparent skies? How these images in the poetry art provoke and influence upon the reader? What is the role of the poet? What distinguishes him from other authors? What is the language’s role in the act of creation? These questions bring some new aspects to the task of metaphysical thinking of the human being as a personality, which reveals itself supported by poetry and dreams. The act of self-expression by means of poetry is related to the idea of breaking from every day life with a special way of communication, with the poetry’s language, which conceals the ordinary and makes an allusion to the secret, the unspeakable, the unconscious.

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