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The Weber's spirit of capitalism - a precursor to the risky society. About the creditworthy person - the "hero" of early and late modernity

Abstract: The creditworthy person is the real "hero" of our time, but he isn't a discovery of modernity. In 1905 the father of sociology Max Weber "discovered" the creditworthy individual to be the bearer of the capitalism spirit. "The spirit of capitalism is the creditworthy person," Weber writes in his main work "The Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism" and admits that the true measures and characteristics of the spirit of capitalism were set in the 18th century by one of the founding fathers of USA, Benjamin Franklin. Under the conditions of late modernity the creditworthy person again has a fundamental role in our society considered as a risky society in accordance with the definition, given by Urlich Beck in "The Risky Society - On the Way to Another Modernity".

Key words: Max Weber, spirit of capitalism, risky society

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