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Ontology of the Old Age

Abstract: In this article, the main problem raised is the subjective and ontological experience of aging, the problem between mind and body, and the way in which everything (whether living or not) "becomes" because of aging. I try to put a clear boundary between the way in which aging, as the stage of reaching old age, appears on the one hand in the non-living, on the other, in the living things. The ontological statement is that aging reveals itself as one of the basic reason of beingness at all and that we can understand it only through awareness of our own attitude towards it.
Keywords: aging, beingness, old age

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The Superhuman and his Cry / or How Kazantzakis Read Nietzsche /

Abstract: In this article, I'm trying to draw a line of continuity between the metaphysics of Friedrich Nietzsche and his Greek disciple - the famous author Nikos Kazantzakis. The main quest is centred in the character of Alexis Zorbas and the philosophical novel "Askitiki", which in my opinion brings this metaphysical core to its limits.

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