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God is dead/Nietzsche is dead

The idea of this text is to trace and highlight the death of God as an essential part of Nietzsches philosophical project - just as this event is problematized in Nietzsches text. Unlike other research on the subject, the emphasis here is on the versions of this long farewell to God in Nietzsche, ie. an attempt was made to read Nietzsche according to Nietzsche. Therefore, clichés such as Nietzsche is the last metaphysician or Nietzsche overcame metaphysics are not commented on here. The interest is focused on the shadows of God, on the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. So this text is a kind of answer to the question of whether Nietzsches critique of metaphysics is a goal or a result of the overall strategy of the German philosopher. The proposed topic is explored in the Nietzsche style.
Keywords: Nietzsche, God is dead, metaphysics, Nietzsches style.