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New philosophical order in South Caucasus: from culture of war to culture of peace

In place of the old unresolved conflicts, new risks and danger of reviving the so-called frozen conflicts (Nagorno-Karabakh) have arisen in South Caucasus, replacing the old unresolved ones. The region faces the need for a radical revision of philosophy, ideology and logic of war. In the article, the culture of war is viewed as a new philosophical category based on a whole complex of social, political, economic, moral and legal factors. The author discusses the need of a new philosophical order and change of paradigm: from culture of war to culture of peace. The text examines the so-called humanitarian security and the implementation of people to people contact as a means of resolving conflict at local level. In her analysis, the author draws on Galtungs and Burtons ideas of peace and the role of social conflicts. In conclusion, recommendations are made to ensure peaceful coexistence, territorial sovereignty and to protect the civilian population.
Keywords: South Caucasus, conflict, culture of war, dialogue, new philosophical order.