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The Role of Civic Discourse in Education for Society

Marking almost decisively the socio-human sciences, the role of civic discourse in education for society is a widely debated subject and constantly subject to re / conceptualization. We live in a reality in which the pandemic has significantly affected the human community in economic, social, political and cultural terms, aggravating social inequalities, including in the education system. This situation has created barriers to participation in the educational process, primarily for people from disadvantaged social categories, taking into account the fact that the school is both a space for academic education and a framework for learning social skills, emotional, cooperation and social support. When most of the teaching activities have been transferred to the online environment, it is necessary to address the issue of literacy, digital education, but also about the advantages of digitalization of public administration. It becomes imperative to capitalize on the possibilities of community institutions, the rational use of online learning technologies, and the impartial involvement of the media in reflecting existing problems which are an opportunity for crisis situations.

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