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Karl Popper: On the Scientific Status of Psychoanalysis

Abstract: The current article presents the problem of the scientific status of psychoanalysis, mediated by the ideas of Karl Popper, specifically his critique to Freud’s psychoanalysis. The link between what is accepted as scientifically grounded knowledge and the offered theories in the field of psychoanalysis is a key part in the current text. It follows the status of theories in the psychology and their relation to the problem of demarcation, essential for Karl Popper’s ideas. One of the books with importance in this regard is Karl Popper’s “Conjectures and refutations” and some of its ideas will be presented here.
Keywords: psychoanalysis, problem of demarcation, verification, falsifiability, non-scientific theory, observation, experimenting, test, ad-hoc hypotheses, D-N model, circularity.

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