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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал

A story about the birth, development and future of the man-machine. Part 1

The article theorizes on the figure of the cyborg, or man-machine, established not only in science fiction but also in the humanities literature of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The hypothesis presented here is that modern technologies and especially the NBIC complex turn the cyborg from a metaphor into a feasible opportunity, which in its final realization calls into question the original conditions of human existence. In its first part, the text analyzes some of the most popular views on human empowerment, focusing on the transhumanitarian movement and its human optimization program through two major transitions that have so far marked a demarcation line - from therapy to improvement and from chance to choice. Emphasis is also placed on the implicit presence of this program in other futuristic visions of man, in the present bioeconomies, as well as in the long-established techniques of cosmetic surgery.In its second part, the article returns to the origins of the concept of "man-machine", tracing its genealogy to the works of modern philosophers. Certain pathologies in the development of the modern project are analyzed, which directly or indirectly determine the epiphenomena of the present. The third part of the text reflects on the risks to the human future, which are rooted in the unlimited development and use of modern technologies in the era of neoliberal capitalism. In its thematization of the realized metaphor of "man-machine" the article stays away from the core of the debate on modern biopower, trying to derive and classify the basic - ethically and utilitarian - theoretical intuitions on the end of human. In this context, she mainly uses the works of Sandel, Fukuyama and Habermas, as well as articles and lectures by authors in the field of natural and information sciences.
Keywords: man-machine, cyborg, biopower, transhumanitarian movement, biotechnologies

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