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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал

“Duty, Freedom and Justice – the Unachievable Balance. Libertas contra Ethicon”

Postmodernism forces us to reconsider our traditional views. Fundamental are the ones concerning the new ethical reading of what is categorical in ethics. Without rethinking the ideas of freedom and justice, today’s society will not be able to overcome the challenges of mass involvement, collective opportunism and misunderstood solidarity. It is precisely the criticism and rehabilitation of ideals that would help eliminate the delusions that have become the model of modern man.
By intertwining the classical and modern readings of what is originally meant by duty, freedom and justice, the exhibition does not aim to analyse their nature, but only identify the reasons for the existing opposition between freedom and ethics, most clearly manifested in the political role of the subject and the state as an artefact.
Keywords: pluralistic pragmatism, utilitarianism, freedom, justice, duty, public benefit, individual, ethical

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