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Резултати от търсенето На зададените критерии отговаря един материал

Between personal and fictional: signs-symbols in the intertextual and narrative plain of the graphic novel “Fun Home”, Alison Beckdel

The article explores one of the five global themes in the graphic novel “Fun Home” of Alison Bechdel – the theme of death. It goes through all intertextual relationships connected to it, namely the reference to existentialism, to Camus, to Wallace Stevens, to the myth of Icarus. It also reveals the role of the main narrative events which could be interpreted as signs-symbols shedding light on the death of the main character. All this is achieved through verbal and graphic figures and their interaction is part of the research.
Key words: graphic novel, intertextuality, narrative, sign, existentialism, authenticity, facticity, absurdity, death

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