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Methods of Constructing the Future in State Planning: Forecasting and Ideology

The article examines the methods for constructing the future in state planning in two aspects: as a scientific methodology that is part of the specific field of future studies - futurology, forecasting, foresight, future studies, strategic studies and as a tool for construction of societies from positions of power. The analysis is based on a systematization of key theoretical developments from the fields of forecasting and strategic planning. Thus, a general methodological figure of the dynamics of exploratory-normative forecasting is systematized, as a model that provides knowledge about the future by studying the foreseeable (present, past) and through goal setting. It is derived as an algorithm that binds temporal construction with mechanisms of power for the controllability of social and political space. The main questions posed by the research are: to what extent and how the methods of constructing the future as a mode of temporality are realized as tools for formatting the social space? To what extent is ideology an essential part of state planning technologies?

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