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Truth, Misfortune, Love

The article is focused on the existential and metaphysical views of Simone Weil in the context of the unity of her life and works. In that sense some specific Weil's notions and topics are analysed: the "malheur", the friendship and the supernatural love, the relationship master-slave and necessity-freedom. In the perspective of Weil's views the article state the hypothesis that the truth is not a logical construction but has an existntial character and could be achieved in the individual meeting of life and death.
Keywords: Simone Weil, supernatural love, malheur, necessity-freedom

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Gademer’s Hermeneutics and the Christian Dogma of the Trinity and Incarnation

Abstract: The paper studies some key concepts of Gadamer’s hermeneutics which have a religious origin. It tries to show that the postmetaphisical thinking – before its reflections on religion – is determined by the religious tradition in which its main representatives grew up. In the case of Gadamer this tradition is protestant Christianity. In postmetaphisical perspective the thinking couldn’t be detached from the tradition and the language wherein it was formed and accomplished.
Keywords: hermeneutics, interpretation, postmetaphisical thinking, protestant Christianity

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Derrida's Deconstruction and the Judaic God who writes alone

Abstract: The paper reflects on Derrida's views on deconstruction in the context of Judaic tradition. It focuses on the Jewish relation to the Holy Scripture and Judaic emphasis on the written words. In this sense some ideas of Cabala are analysed. The article puts accent on the idea of infinite interpretation of Holy words in Cabala and lays stress on its influence upon Derrida.

Keywords: deconstruction, cabala, infinite interpretation

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