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The Sacred Space of the Temple

Abstract: The article discusses three characteristics of the temple's sacred space: purposefulness, hierarchy and dynamism. The architecture, insofar as it shapes the space of the temple, gives it such a form that it is experienced by the believer not only as a place, but also as a path. With regard to the hierarchy and the dynamism of the temple's space the role of the light is analyzed. Comparisons are made between the experience of the temple's space in Christianity and Islam, in the church and the mosque.

Keywords: Temple, sacral space, temple's architecture, altar, mihrab.

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The senses and war, a touch on the touch

Abstract: The article examines the human sensorium as historically and culturally bound. Special attention is paid to the functioning of the basic senses of the soldiers in the trenches of the First World War. An emphasis is placed on the touch. Two factors are analyzed that cause the high activity of this sense in the front-life conditions - the new body experience and the acute thirst for consolation and human proximity.

Key words: history of the senses, smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste, the senses in the war

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The Euroscеpticism and the Thomas Theorem

Abstract: In the article the Euroscepticism is seen as a mixture of distrust in the EU institutions, rebellion against the status quo and pessimism about the future of the EU. The article analyzes the factors that contribute to expanding the influence of Euroscepticism - the presentism, i.e. the dictate of the present over the past and the future; the nationalism as nostalgia for clearly delineated borders; the crises in the functioning of the EU. The article briefly outlines several Euroscepticism's manifestations - electoral apathy, support for nationalist parties, and mistrust towards the EU institutions. Euroscepticism is treated on the one hand as a consequence of the crises in the EU and on the other as a factor in deepening the crisis. Euroscepticism is both a result of the crises and their root. Thomas theorem ("If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences") serves as an explanation of the role of Euroscepticism in the deepening the crisis in the EU. Incorrectly defined situation of the EU generates destructive impacts on his future.

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The Islamic veil: Western Perspective

The article examines the reasons for the political, cultural and anthropological confrontations in the West on the occasion of the Islamic dress code.

Key words: burqa, veil, dress code, fashion, body

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