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About the Impact of Shinto and Zen on Haiku

This article is about the impact of Shinto and Zen on Haiku. It aims to add another touch to the theme of the impact of Shinto and Zen on Haiku poetry. The author considers the Haiku problem from the point of spiritual paths. And the main thesis is that one can not speak of the influence of a separate spiritual tradition on Haiku, because the very essence of the Japanese is multi-layered, enriched with the intertwining of the Shinto, the local tradition, with Zen, the introduced tradition. Other influences such as: an era preceding Haiku creative works, influences of personalities, etc. are being considered. The article examines the period of creation of this art and analyzes the prerequisites and the reason for its occurrence. Key facts about the Shinto and Zen traditions are presented which show how and where these spiritual paths intertwine and form a unique pathway called Zen. The conclusion is that the Japanese Buddhist is a born Japanese, which means that he generally carries a shin. And the influence of Shinto and Zen on Haiku can be seen in the given and analyzed examples of Haiku.

Key words: shinto, zen, haiku

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