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Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing" - Laozi and Parmenides - a comparative analysis

The purpose of this article is to compare the Western and the Eastern approach of the philosophical question 'Why Being is there rather than Non-Being?' For the goals of our work we use two fundamental names of the history of philosophy - Laozi and Parmenides. The article compares the thoughts of the two philosophers concerning the ontological aspects of this problem. The text follows the words of the two texts and finds some basic similarities and differences. It seems that both Laozi and Parmenides agree that Being and Dao are metaphysical conditions for existence itself. They are not static but dynamic and however transcendent they might seem to be, they do present in the world we perceive. The ontological approach of the metaphysical problem of Being and Non-Being is revealed through specific metaphors which are object of analysis in this work.

Key words: boundary, ontology, nothing, emptiness, Dao, Doxa, Aletheia, Parmenides, Laozi

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