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The East - West dialogue in two of Regis Wargnier movies

This article is viewing the theme of the dialogue East-West through the prism of art. For this aim two of the director'sRégis Wargniermovies are chosen for consideration.
His cinemanovelEast-West(EST - OUEST, 1999) is a classically based on the dramaturgy of the narrative cinema. The choice of this form is not an accidental one because his creative goal is to understand the complicated human destinies that are tragical subjects of influance of the dominant social relationships.In this case the destiny of a whole generation that became a victim of the political reallity afther World War II in Europe is realised.
The next work of Wargnier,Indochinaq(Indochine, 1992) is build according to strictly dated historical facts skillfully interweaved with the cultural, political and everyday characteristics of the time and place.
Key words: ideology, culture, identity,,fate, life.