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The Poet in Exile: Native and Foreign

The paper analizes the literary interpretation of Vera Mutafchieva of the notions native, own, foreign within the context of the complicated existential experience in exile of her characters: the poet Saadi and Cem sultan, also a poet. Understanding and experiencing of native is situated within the context of important existentials: friendship, morality, creative vocation.The analysis emphasizes the experience of the native in the context of the creative vocation as the most essential power of the personality (as shown in the case of the “late” Saadi in “The case of Cem sultan”). As far as the poetic vocation is connected to the native language, the homeland appeared to be an irreplaceable topos for practicing and for sharing its poetic fruits with the reader and the listener as word and message.
Keywords: poetic vocation, exile, homeland, friendship, native language

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Religion and Secularity in Eastern Europe

Review by Prof. Nonka Bogomilova on the book Islam, Christianity, and Secularism in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. The Last Half Century (2022). Simeon Evstatiev and Dale F. Eickelman (Eds.) Brill: Leiden, Boston

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