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Morality and ethics in the research fields today

Review of the monograph of Prof. Emilia Marinova "The Objective Study of Morality and Contemporary Ethics" (Faber Publishing House, 2019)


85 YEARS SINCE THE BIRTH OF ASSEN IGNATOW (1935-2003). Assen Ignatow: From Structure of Historical Knowledge towards Anthropological Philosophy of History

Based on the comparative analysis between some of the main concepts and ideas of recently published Assen Ignatows doctoral thesis Structure of Historical Knowledge (1972), and his panoramic study Anthropological Philosophy of History (1993), the paper develops and argues the thesis regarding the continuity between these two studies/stages of the authors work. A conclusion is argued that this early study marks the end of the Bulgarian period of his scientific career and work as difficult and painful, but scientifically fruitful, which has significantly contributed to the formulation of Ignatows creative cognitive matrix of ideas and notions regarding man and history.
Keywords: historical knowledge, explanation, interpretation, philosophy of history, subject of history