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Approaches to Visual Culture in Contemporary Cultural Studies: Peter Burke and Horst Bredecamp

Abstract: The article observes the effects of the so called Visual/Iconic/Pictorial Turn (Martin Jay, W. J. T. Mitchell and Gottfried Boehm) on the social and human studies summarizing in comparative perspective two approachs to visuality proposed in the beginning of the XXI c. in Anglo-Saxon and German speaking academic world. The study analyses Peter Burkе’s idea about "historical anthropology of images” and the Horst Bredekamp’s “Theory of the iconic acts” in order to show their potential to define two innovative models of cultural history and social critique.
Key words: cultural history; cultural theory, visual turn, visual culture

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Contemporary Transformations of Drawing in the Work of Boryana Petkova: Reflections on the Exhibition H220cm in Gallery +359

Abstract: The article consists in analysis of the exhibition H220cm presented by the visual artist Boryana Petkova in July and August 2018, in +359 gallery in Sofia. This exhibition was part of the long-term project "Formatting the absence" of the curator Irina Batkova. In the framework of this project, Batkova invites artists to create situational artworks in the context of water tower in the district of Lozenets in Sofia.

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