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"THE COMPANY OF WOLVES" - "SEEING IS BELIEVING" or The Visual-Birth Experiment of Angela Carter

Angela Carter creates fiction that is highly intertextual and very difficult to fit in a specific genre. The unquestionable label for Carter’s fiction (influenced or not by postmodern tendencies) is experimental - the author plays with conventions in every aspect of her works: character, plot, form, genre. Her collection of stories “The Bloody Chamber” (1979) is an example of such resume. The focus is on the story “The Company of Wolves”, adapted for the big screen with Carter as the screenwriter. This text aims at comparing “word” and “image”, story and film, scrutinizing expressive techniques used in both media. Problems in adaptation faced by film are discussed in detail in accordance to text specifics. In order to accomplish its goals this text observes texts and contexts in the body of Angela Carter’s work and beyond.
Key words: Carter, film, experiment, wolves

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