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Phenomenon of foreign lobbyism in the international activities of the United States of America

Abstract: Foreign lobbyism is sufficiently traditional occurrence purposeful to achieve definite objects. All states during realization of its foreign-policy activity tru to create nondiplomatic centers of influence, which promote the carrying out of its policy, and at present this process is going on and become deeper. For the space of long time in the USA under the name “foreign lobbyism” in the first place implicated “support certain outside political interests”. There is indisputable fact, that after II World War, the role of the USA in world policy increased and this country changed in one of the leading world power center. In a number of foreign states this circumstances necessitated to lean to USA potential, including the aim of using its financial possibilities. In this direction was adopted the Foreign Agents Registrations Act. In the article, this Act is analyzing comprehensively.
In the article, this Act is estimating as legal basis for the currying out of foreign lobbyism in the USA. According this legal Act, for the purpose of lobbyist activities foreign state and hired by this state organizations must be registered in the Minister of Justice. The main aim of this legal Act was most likely the determination of responsibility of lobbyists, then control on lobbyist activities. In the article, also give considerable attention to the problems of researching of responsibility of lobbyists for its activities according legislation of USA.
Keywords: Foreign lobbyism, Foreign Agents Registrations Act, USA, legislation, foreign state , Minister of Justice

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