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Human Enhancement – Searching the Perfect Human Being

The concept of human enhancement has turned into an extensive topic of debate, especially in recent years. The developments in science and technology indicate that human beings will soon be capable of reshaping and manipulating human biology, not necessarily for medical purposes. This article will briefly discuss human enhancement, its meaning and its scope. The main focus will be on the controversial biomedical interventions that aim to improve human form and functioning. The paper will point out the urgency to think about the notion and definition of a human being in the wake of the current biotechnological developments that promise a radical transformation of the human condition. The text will discuss the divide between pro-enhancement and anti-enhancement groupings, the intellectual and cultural movement of Transhumanism on the one hand and its critics on the other. The paper will touch upon the concepts of the human condition and human vulnerability while discussing Transhumanist beliefs about radically transforming ourselves through a wide range of enhancement methods.
Keywords: human enhancement, technology, human condition, transhumanism, posthumanism, pro-enhancement, anti-enhancement

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