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The Role of Ubuntu Human Values in Enhancing Key Political Institutions for Development in Nigeria

This paper examines the problem of underdevelopment in Nigeria against the backdrop of the huge natural and human resources that the country is endowed with. Basic social amenities like good roads, hospitals, schools etc. are still social goods prayed for by Nigerians. The question is, what are the factors affecting development in Nigeria? This study is an attempt to respond to the above important and disturbing question. It was discovered that one cardinal factor affecting development in Nigeria is the nature of their political institutions, such as the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. Political institutions that ought to be independent in their operations are now tools used by the political class for their selfish interests. As a way out of this situation, we propose a rethinking of politics and political institutions in Nigeria in the light of Ubuntu ethics and education. In view of this, this study employs the method of philosophical analysis in achieving its objectives.
Keywords: ubuntu, institution, politics, development and values

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