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Social roles of students in inspecting the quality of Bulgarian education

The article analyzes the topic of the social roles of students as participants in the innovative social phenomenon of inspecting the quality of Bulgarian education. Like any innovation launched in the evaluation of education, the inspection places students in the roles of key players: "evaluated" and "evaluated". Students know and perform very well in the established in their school institutions roles of "students who are assessed in the learning process" But in the phenomenon of assessing the quality of education, students are required to master a new social role who are directly involved in the inspection.
The first part of the article deals with the semantics of the social role. The second part of the article focuses on the analysis of the inspection, the specific opinions of students who have entered the social role of assessors in the activities of quality inspection of educational institutions, in which their main social role is taught and assessed in the educational process.
How is the quality inspection of Bulgarian educational institutions happening?
How can the social phenomenon of quality inspection of education help the development of the Bulgarian educational system and policies to ensure the quality of education?
To what extent do social actors: students, parents, teachers, principals, administrative staff in the education system and structures know their social roles and interactions in the processes of assessing the achieved level of quality of education in inspection?
All these issues are to be researched and announced in the Bulgarian educational system in order to facilitate and effective social actors: students, parents, teachers, principals, in the implementation of their compiled social roles of evaluators and evaluators.
Key words: social actor, social roles, inspection of the quality of Bulgarian education, evaluation of the quality of Bulgarian education

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